Blind rivets are widely used in Automotive industry. An example of the various applications is on car speakers: using a blind rivet instead of screw and die to fasten the speaker to the door halfs the installation time, but at the same time guarantees high mechanical performance.
Nuova facciata Sariv_00
The new face of SARIV
Our renewal process continues: after logo, website and packaging, our headquarter is changing too: a new thermal isolation facade in eco-friendly material allows us to reduce consumptions and environmental emissions.
Sariv_New Packaging
A brand new packaging for SARIV products
SARIV image renewal continues: our new packaging will soon be available. Clean design and detailed labels will gradually replace the ones currently in use. In addition to our standard boxes, we can supply our products in neutral packes or create customized packagind according to our customers needs.
Blind rivets for exhausts
Customized solutions: BLIND RIVETS FOR EXHAUSTS
Blind rivets are fundamental in Automotive industry. In particular, our structiral blind rivets Saribulb are ideal for cars and motorbikes exhausts, thanks to high shear and tensile resistance. Their structural mandrel provides vibration resistance and hole filling, ensuring an excellent hermetic sealing.
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