Standard blind rivets

Standard blind rivets

A blind rivet is a two-piece fastener that consists of a rivet body and a mandrel.
To be installed, the blind rivet is placed inside a drilled hole, and through a riveting tool, a pulling force is applied to the mandrel, that deforms the body, forming a joint.

Blind rivets can be set from one side, and are permanently installed. As a cost-efficient and versatile solution, standard blind rivets are used in several industries.
In this section, you can find a wide range of materials, sizes and head styles.

We design and manufacture standard blind rivets that meet and exceed ISO regulation requirements, ensuring high quality standards and creating products that can be used in the most severe conditions.

Here below all the information about SARIV standard blind rivets. Choose the material combination that best suit your needs.

Find out all our standard blind rivets


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