Our team is always available to offer you an advisory service about our products and to suggest the best solution for your fastening problem.
We make our know-how available to you considering all the parts that have to be fasten. Moreover, in cooperation with the technical office, we study the most suitable mechanical properties for your blind rivet or blind rivet nut.

Moreover, we can provide protective surface treatments according to your specific needs. Our team can also suggest the riveter type which best fits with our products.



Production cycle of our blind rivets and blind rivet nuts is totally managed by a computer system, which collects, archives and elaborates all the measurements carried out in production control tests. Each production line batch is monitored from raw material registration to pressing and packaging processes.
This allows us to check statistical index as cp (process capability), cpk (process capability index), related to product and process as well, to ensure the highest quality and safety of our blind rivets and blind rivet nuts.
Moreover, thanks to the internal department selector using video camera, we can offer a standard quality reaching zero defects.
By means of our internal laboratory we can also provide various measurements of mechanical and dimensional features, according to current standards of control.



Our products can be packaged in neutral boxes, with or without SARIV logo, otherwise with customized packaging. Such service can be applied to every automatic packaging line, both for commercial boxes and for industrial package or blister packaging.
Automatic label management system allows to create ad hoc labels, with customized barcodes, logos and layout. You can also have boxes or blister packaging containing a number of pieces different from our standard.
This service is available for any packaging produced by SARIV.



SARIV is available for customers supporting also the post sales service of its products.

We have a workshop for replacement and maintenance works of sariv machine tools. We are also available in case of irregularities with the application of your blind rivet or blind rivet nut, to identify the source of the problem and to find a solution.

Moreover, we are able to identify immediately every parameter of interest because of the complete traceability of our production process, considering also the computer storage of data about control tests.

Therefore, we can easily provide technical documentation about dimensional tolerances, statistical data, raw material composition, even some months after a supplying service.


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